Things to Consider When Buying Carpets for Your Pets 

For those who don’t know, around 60% of houses in the United States have pets living in them. If you’re one of these residents who have pets in their home, you obviously have to pick décor in your house that will be able to ensure your furry and playful friend.  


Carpet flooring is comfortable for your dog or cat to laze on and walk around. Unlike tiled or hardwood floors, carpets also offer traction. This helps your pet from slipping. Carpets in your living room also offer your pets soft ground to lay and stretch out. These benefits may convince you to add carpets to your house. However, the truth is that it can be a bit complicated to have a carpet if you’ve got pets.  

When buying a carpet for both you and your pets, there are several factors to think about. From carpet cleaning Park Ridge to material, here are things you should know: 


High-quality carpet flooring has a tendency to be a bit expensive. Also, they’re more likely to be extremely durable. The ideal way to optimize for longevity, budget, and quality is to think about how high-traffic a particular area is. Usually, your dining room and living room will be the high-traffic areas in your house. On the other hand, the bedroom is considered as a low traffic area.  

When it comes to high-traffic areas, you can choose an expensive and high-quality carpet. When it comes to low-traffic areas, you can opt for affordable ones. This will help you manage better the maintenance and replacement costs. In addition to that, it makes a lot of sense to invest more in the carpets in high-traffic areas since your pets typically spend their time in those spots.  


Selecting a color is a huge issue for pet owners. You need to choose a color that matches the furnishings and theme of the room. However, you also have to consider the shedding hair of your pet.  

You can pick a color that complements the fur of your pet. With this, any hair gets camouflaged. This will help make the carpet appear clean.  

However, almost every homeowner goes for dark to medium colors. These hide pet hair and stains on most occasions.  


Selecting the correct material from the get-go can save you from routine maintenance and replacement costs. You shouldn’t purchase carpets with loops since they’re more likely to get caught in the paws of your pet. 

The correct carpet material is one that is durable and resistant to stain as well. That’s why nylon carpets are the ideal option since there are affordable and durable. They’re a common option for pet owners.  

Another well-known option from carpet professionals is woolen carpets. These carpets have great durability and they enable easy removal of stains.  

If you are a pet owner, it does not mean that your carpet options are limited. However, it does improve the need for maintenance. Stains, fur, and other particles are possibly detrimental to you and your dog’s health.